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This is a new full colour 24/7 dome camera with the 1/2.7″ CMOS sensor, revolutionary hybrid IR+White LED and resolution of 5.0 megapixels.

This device is able to provide a stunning and clear 24/7 colour image due to its powerful white LEDs, even in the pitch dark. It can also work in classic IR black and white night mode or in new hybrid IR+White LED Smart Detection mode. At night Smart Detection mode will allow your camera to use IR and white LEDs light as a perfect combo to avoid disturbing your neighbours and at the same time detect any possible intrusion. You will have a black and white image if nothing going on and then the camera will immediately switch on white LEDs and provide you colour image at night in case of detection of the intruder!

Due to modern 5.0 megapixel sensor camera will allow you to see even some small objects with high detailing. The device has a wide viewing angle.

The infrared and white LED light of the camera can hit a distance of up to 30 meters at night. The camera has two types of power supply: via 12V by the regular power supply unit or via POE by data cable. This model maintains its functionality at a temperature from -40 to +60 °С, it has protection against humidity and dust, so it can be mounted both inside and outside.

Main Features

Image sensor:

1/2.7" CMOS


5.0 Mp (SuperHD).. Very high picture quality, small items and banknotes are clearly recognizable


Fixed focus, f=2.8 mm. Wide viewing angle

Night vision:

Up to 30 meters


Ø100x90 mm


700 g

Power supply:

POE (single-cable transmission of video signal and power supply) or DC 12V, 0.5A

Housing material:


Housing protection:

IP66. Complete dust and moisture protection. For outdoor or industrial use

Operating temperature:

-40 - +60°C

Additional advantages:

— H.265 is a highly efficient video compression technology that allows you to compress a high resolution video to a minimum size without quality loss, which saves space on your hard disk
— Smart functions support: Perimeter Intrusion Detection, Line Crossing Detection, Face Detection
— SD card support
— Built-in microphone
— IR + White LED + Smart Detection, 24/7 Full Colour
— ONVIF 2.6 protocol support
— Partizan mobile app support
— Ability to work with PARTIZAN CLOUD STORAGE – the unique complete solution for Cloud Storage
— Remote access to the device with Partizan MAC
— 3 years warranty

Download IPD-5SP-IR Full Colour SH Black datasheet
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