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Partizan CBX-32HQ WDR FullHD 3.0


AHD True WDR camera 

27 672 Ft
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The Partizan CBX-32HQ WDR FullHD 3.0 surveillance camera works in the latest AHD format, has the advantage of being able to protect yourself from the zero-price. Matrix 2.0 Mp allows you to get a quality picture in FullHD quality with a resolution of 1920x1080px with a recording speed of 25k / s, the excellent detailing of small parts and the lack of delay in transmitting the video is based on one of the main advantages of the use of the standard AHD.

Partizan CBX-32HQ WDR FullHD 3.0 is used for video surveillance systems with a wide range of objectives. The high resolution of the video image conforms to the FullHD standard, which is an advantage of this model. Compatibility with AHD video systems of various channeling, it is possible to monitor only a few systems, be aware of the

The video camera works in a multi-format AHD-TVI-CVI-CVBS with the possibility of choosing a mode of operation. Thanks to the IP44 AHD degree of protection, the camera is protected from splatter and other obstructions. The camera works without interruption in the temperature range from + 10 ° to + 55 ° C.

Main Features

Image sensor:

1/2.8" FullHD Sony


2.0 Mp (Full HD 1080p). Improved surveillance for the different spaces, faces are clearly recognizable


143x72x55 mm


400 g

Power supply:

DC12V, 0.3А

Housing material:


Housing protection:

P44. Water splashes and external objects protection, for indoor use only

Operating temperature:

+10 - +55 °C

Additional advantages:

— Multi-mode options AHD-TVI-CVI-Analog. You can switch that camera to any analog HD format, camera is compatible with the third party recorders
— Support True WDR
— Support Sense-up
— Lens mount C/CS
— OSD menu
— 3 years warranty

Download CBX-32HQ WDR FullHD 3.0 Datasheet
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